Restaurant Alma served the last dishes from our original dining room on Friday, August 12th. 

Our anticipated reopening, to include Café, Hotel and Restaurant Alma, is early November. 

Stay tuned to this space and also our blog, http://bit.ly/ALMAblog, for updates on our construction and development. 

Thank you and we look forward to serving you in November. 


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Since 1999, Restaurant Alma has been welcoming guests with authentic hospitality and diverse, ingredient driven cooking.

The Restaurant Alma dining experience is built around a seasonally changing prix fixe three-course menu and a wine list carefully selected to compliment every dish we serve. We feature many local and organic products, stocking our pantry with the same traditional foods that have well-nourished people for generations. Our entire menu is handcrafted using both timeless and innovative cooking techniques. To put it plainly, the food we create reflects excellence in all stages of preparation and is simply delicious.

Our approach towards the operation of the restaurant is truly collaborative, and we believe that every single member of our team is integral to our success. We are committed to creating a learning environment where all staff can thrive, receive competitive living wages, and have access to meaningful benefits.

Hours & Location

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528 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414


We open for dinner service at 5pm, 7 nights a week.


Private Dining

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Overlooking the restaurant dining room, Alma’s semi-private mezzanine is the perfect setting for intimate celebrations, professional gatherings, or small parties of up to 16 people. We offer a seasonal, 3-course prix-fixe menu tailored to your preferences beginning at 5pm Sunday through Thursday evenings.

For More Information: Please contact Hannah Bredahl at events@restaurantalma.com or 612-940-6192


With a variety of accommodations for up to 60 people, Restaurant Alma offers a warm, intimate space for private events. Our dining room features high open beam ceiling, exposed brick columns, banquette seating and concrete floors. Full buyout is available seven nights a week.

Restaurant Buy-out: 60 seated

For More Information: Please contact Hannah Bredahl at events@restaurantalma.com or 612-940-6192

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Friday, August 19th, 2016

Flour/Water/Yeast: The Alma Bread Program

Meet Tiffany Singh. Before joining team pastry at Restaurant Alma, she worked under Steve Horton (Rustica) and Solveig Tofte (Sun Street Breads), learning the crumbs and crusts of professional bread baking. Tiffany isn't discriminatory in her tastes: she loves quick breads, sweet breads, slowly fermented sourdoughs, and alternative-grain loaves. She sat down with the Alma Blog this week to talk about the past, present, and future of Alma bread.

AB: Let’s start with starter. How do you begin when you’re baking a loaf of bread?

TS: There are so many ways you can start a bread. The most common examples are a traditional slow starter with flour and water that ferments over time using wild yeasts, like a sourdough, or commercial yeasts for a quicker bread, like a foccacia. 

AB: Don’t you have to feed a starter every day to keep it going?

TS: Yes! The starter we have right now at Alma we’ve had for about two years. We’ve named him Chauncey and we’re very dedicated to keeping him alive while our kitchen is closed. Me, Carrie, and Alyssa [the other members of the pastry team] have split Chauncey into thirds and we’re all in competition to take the best care of him in our own kitchens before we can move him into his new home.

AB: What your favorite types of bread to bake at Alma?

TS: We do a combination of breads that are straight doughs – those are breads that are mixed and baked the same days. Good examples of these breads are a country-loaf white or focaccia. Straight doughs are also great for using the products that are available to you that day (like nuts, seeds, or fruits). We also like pre-ferments, where you have to add water and salt to a percentage of the flour the day before – this adds a different flavor complexity and texture. The last type of bread we’ve loved including are naturally leavened breads: this is where Chauncey gets to be a star. We give these a long time to ferment, which creates even more complexity in texture and flavor - the bread most associated with this method is sourdough. 

AB: What about in the future? What can you do with the new space?

TS: The deck oven is coming very very soon. The ovens we had previously at Alma, which we’ll still keep, are conventional gas ovens, are like the ones you probably have in your kitchen at home. That limits the types of breads you can make. We’ve had a lot of success and perfected our methods as much as we can, but a deck oven has steam injection, dampers, and bells and whistles – that’s for real – and will really expand our options and what we can offer. What you'll see at the Cafe is beautiful color, good oven spring, and gorgeous crust. In addition to the new oven, we'll also have far more work space to experiment and invent. 

AB: The philosophy of Alma hinges so much on history and tradition. What influences do you pull from that? 

TS: Grains are a cornerstone of how societies live and are shaped, and we try to use different historical techniques combined with modern sensibilities to make all different kinds of bread. I have memories of baking with my mom, and I think everyone has those memories, or some memories associated with a loaf of bread. I think we all connect bread with some aspect of growing up, and I love tapping into that when I bake. One of our pastry chefs is from the Iron Range and has a recipe from her family for a thinly rolled-out yeasted sweetbread layered with a walnut filling and rolled up into a tightly shaped round. That's a great example of tapping into the mixed backgrounds and heritage of everyone at Alma to keep things fresh and gain inspiration. It's also a way to honor  the cultures we come from. We’re starting to really ask ourselves: how can we do more? That's endlessly exciting.   

AB: What about locally milled flour? Are you planning on using any of Steve Horton’s (of Rustica, who has recently opened up Baker’s Field, a new grain mill in North-East Minneapolis) flour?

TS: What Steve is doing has opened up a new world of freshness and locality to the Twin Cities bakery scene. We were lucky enough to work with his flour for a good amount of time before our original kitchen closed last week, and it was enlightening to see the changes in flavor, texture, rate of fermentation, and all the other variables derived from using flour that’s so, so fresh. It’s really special, and we plan to use Baker’s Field in many of our breads in the future.

We also have our own little grain mill at Alma, which we can use as farmers provide different grains to us for specials, which is also very exciting.

AB: Many people avoid gluten, or allergic to it. Is it a part of the Alma bread plan to include gluten-free breads?

TS: We’re very sensitive to those who have Celiac disease, and we understand it as a very serious allergy. Because we take it so seriously, we can not guarantee that Alma will be able to offer a totally, one-hundred percent, completely gluten-free bread option. This is just because of production space: if anyone has spilled flour anywhere in the workspace, that micro-dust is in the air and we can’t control whether it does or does not contaminate any gluten-free bread. We’d never want to produce a product that claims to be gluten-free and isn’t completely and totally safe for those who are allergic. That being said, we do hope to create some options for those who are are gluten sensitive and will continue to work to making bread (and pastries) that are delicious and available to all. 

AB: What are some types of bread that people can expect to see at the Alma Café? What will be new and exciting?

TS: We will definitely have an assortment of different sourdoughs, breads with flours from Baker’s Field and those milled in small batches on-site. We’ll be honing in on our own signature baguette, and whether it’s seasonal breads, holiday breads, or heritage breads – we hope to be continually striving to represent the evolving tastes of our community. Simply put: it’s bread for everyone.

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Welcome to Alma: The Restaurant, Cafe, and Hotel! 

We are proud and excited to announce that we are well on our way to completing the new Cafe and Hotel spaces. While Restaurant Alma closes for three months to complete renovations, we are keeping our proverbial doors open: inviting you to read a weekly blog that will chronicle construction, design, planning, and profiles of our amazing team.

The concept of a cafe with a small hotel above is nothing new -look no further than classic English literature to see the foundation- but we are doing it in a modern, accessible way. The ultimate goal: serving delicious, seasonal food and top-quality beverages in a casual and welcoming setting. The cafe will offer both sit-down table service and a daytime bakery/counter area where you and your laptop (or favorite book) are welcome to accompany our food and drink.

Clockwise from left: Alex at the top of the front entry stairs where guests will be guided up to their rooms after being welcomed by our host staff; explaining the divide of spaces on the first floor; the café bar area. 


L-R: Cafe Alma Chef De Cuisine Matt hanging out in the future Cafe counter area; Restaurant Alma Chef De Cuisine Lucas and Sous Chef Maggie planning kitchen layout with Alex. 

The cafe bar will feature 10 taps (rotating beer, keg wine & cider selections), a wine list of carefully selected bottles & glass pours by Alma beverage director James Hirdler, as well as drinks created in collaboration with local cocktail craftsmen Bittercube. Locally roasted and sustainably sourced coffee will be from Twin Town Roasters, with a full range of espresso drinks available all hours of the day.

Notes from the construction crew. 

Alma General Manager Mike taking a look through the construction zone

The backroom of Cafe Alma will connect to Restaurant Alma and double as a private dining room. 

After significant adaptation to the original firehouse building, all the Alma spaces will be fluidly connected for both dining and work spaces alike.

A view into the open cafe kitchen and bar area from the backroom.

From L-R: the back stairs leading up to the hotel; wiring and panels that make it all possible; Alex sharing his enthusiasm about 
our future bread & pastry production capabilities.

Team Pastry (Carrie, Alyssa, Tiffany) eagerly explore their new workspace. 

Alex in what is currently labelled “Room 7” of the hotel, our only guest room located on the ground floor. Great care has been given to hotel construction and acoustics, including double-walls and insulation, to ensure that guest rooms are as comfortable and calm as possible. 

The upstairs “suite” is our largest guest room, with a private outdoor patio featuring views of downtown Minneapolis. The suite can be used for small events and is an ideal location for a cocktail party. 

Food and beverage service will be available to all hotel rooms. Hotel Alma will have two rooms with king size beds, four rooms with queen sized beds, and one room with two full size beds.

Pretty soon the bones of the operation will be walled-in, finished, and ready for your getaway. 

Hotel Alma will be an ideal destination for business travelers, anniversary celebrations, stay-cations, U of M guests, sports fans, out-of-town foodies, and anyone that values high quality food and inspired hospitality. 

We are very excited to share our journey through the final stages of remaking A L M A into a restaurant, cafe and hotel under one roof.

With love,
The Alma Team. 

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

Coming Soon: The Alma Blog 

We invite you to check back in the coming days to see the launch of our new blog. The ALMA blog will chronicle construction progress, special events, design, menu development, hiring, and profiles of our dedicated team while we prepare for our first day as a restaurant, cafe and hotel.


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